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    • Detailed planning of waterfront tourism

      The service is carried out after the completion of the tourism master plan and before the launching of the detailed tourism planning. According to the master plan of the waterfront project, and guided by meeting the tourism experience system and its core attraction, the tourism operation system and its market practice, we conduct qualitative and quantitative planning centering on aspects of customer group market, brand characteristics, cultural clues, entertainment items, tour planning, business format, operation mode etc., in order to prepare the detailed planning of the project for the purpose of providing planning ideas and basis for the later-stage design and construction operation.

    • Detailed conceptual planning of waterfront tourism

      According to the detailed planning of waterfront special tourism, and guided by providing a detailed scheme for the utilization of planned and conceptual interactive space between tourist waters and land, we focus on solving the contradictory problems of water area route development, project layout, experience landing point, landscape planning, facilities supporting, system guarantee etc., so as to provide the preliminary basis for the preparation and approval of constructive detailed planning of waterfront special tourism.

    • Detailed conceptual planning of waterfront tourism

      Based on the regional master plan of provinces, prefectures, cities, counties, townships etc., we focus on the system construction in the process of practical operation. In view of the special implementation work of the waterfront scenic spot tourism public service system construction, the tourism camp system construction, the self-service tour system construction and so on, it is the most detailed business unit in the tourism planning work. Therefore, we will not only meet the legal approval requirements of the tourism project and scheme, and guide the design and construction of buildings and engineering facilities, more importantly, we will continue the detailed tourism planning and the tourism conceptual detailed planning, and further implement the selling points, highlights and core points of the project, to realize the perfect connection from the classic creativity of planning to the operation of construction implementation.

    • Waterfront tourism operation and management service

      Yihong Group has an experienced waterfront tourism destination operation and management team with advanced industry management and marketing experience, to provide standardized and systematic operation and management services for waterfront tourism destinations. According to the characteristics of waterfront tourism destination, we creatively integrate the elements of destination tourism industry chain through “connection” and “efficiency”, so as to form a powerful service and sharing network, thus maximizing the integration of forces to help tourism destinations to achieve industrial upgrading. We are committed to creating a cross-border integration model of “Internet + destination” and regularly planning the large-scale entertainment and cultural activities for tourism destinations. By combining the characteristics of diversification of current network multimedia platforms, rapid expansion and updating, frequent exchanges and interaction between platforms, etc., we provide a good marketing atmosphere and publicity support, boost the attractiveness of tourism destination, and maximize the guarantee of integrity, rationality and efficiency of marketing process, so as to realize the integration of tourism destination marketing and product transaction, and thus achieving innovation and breakthrough in the tourism destination marketing.